Safety, Safety, Safety

Safety, Safety, Safety is job one at Cowtown Bus Charters, Inc. We believe a safe trip is the only travel experience our passengers deserve. Because of this commitment our employees have dedicated themselves to putting your safety first in everything we do. Our operators are annually re-certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.).

We have an industry leading safety record. Our company has the highest Department of Transportation safety rating and has maintained that level throughout its history. We invite you to take some time to look over some of Cowtown’s practices and policies that are designed to keep our passengers among the safest in the world.

The S.D.D.C. Standards

The U.S. armed forces have a centralized command called the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. The S.D.D.C. standards are stricter than the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S.D.o T.) with a rating system of one (1) to five (5), with one being the best. Cowtown Bus Charters was awarded a one (best) rating in the current S.D.D.C. audit. Low employee turnover and our average driver experience level of 20 years have allowed us to excel. Our safety performance since the company was formed in 1990 has achieved an industry low insurance cost which has allowed us to keep our prices reasonable.

Cowtown Safety Requirements

Cowtown requires a written itinerary for all charters that leave the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Each itinerary is carefully reviewed for feasibility of the work and compliance with U.S. DOT regulations.

See an example of our Bus Inspection Report.

Cowtown requires an industry leading 10 hours off-duty for our drivers. This standard ensures maximum safety for our passengers. Cowtown Bus Charters is unparalleled in performance and safety. We are your one-stop service for meeting your transportation needs for everything from 36-passenger luxury mini buses to 57-passenger Eurocoaches.