Cowtown Employees Qualification Requirements

See an example page of our Employee Handbook.

Cowtown Bus Charters, Inc. employees who are responsible for inspections, maintenance, repairs, or service to the brakes must be qualified in accordance with Sec. 396.25

The regulations require that Cowtown Bus Charters, Inc. employees who are qualified to service brake systems:

– understand the brake service or inspection task to be performed.
– knows and has mastered the methods, procedures, tools, and equipment used in inspection and servicing the brakes.
– and has training or experience under one of the following:

1) has successfully completed a state or federally sponsored apprenticeship or training program or has a certificate from a state or Canadian province qualifying the person to perform brake work, or

2) has training or experience totaling 1 year, which may include appropriate training in a manufacturer sponsored or commercial traingin program, or experience performing brake maintenance or inspection in a motor carrier maintenance program, commercial garage, fleet leasing program, etc.

Drivers who have passed the air brake knowledge and skills test for a Commercial Driver’s Livense (CDL) are considered qualified to inspect air brakes, but not to adjust or repair them with out meeting the other qualification reqiorements listed ablove.

Documentation of the brake inspector’s qualifications must be retained for as long as the employee is responsible for brake related work and for on year thereafter.

Maintenance is part of the cost of doing business, and every fleet has a major investment in its equipment. Making certian that equipment operates well is where preventive maintenacne comes into the picture.