Nitrogen Filled Tires

YES! All of Cowtown's bus tires are filled with nitrogen rather than regular compressed air. Nitrogen allows our tires to run cooler. This helps us maintain proper tire pressure which in turn allows tires to last longer and be more resistant to failure. Safer tires means safer passengers.

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Choosing a Motorcoach Company

Before choosing a motorcoach for your group’s next excursion, Cowtown Bus Charters, Inc. invites you to see how we stand with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) website for all major motorcoach operators’ safety records, government ratings and management oversight practices.

Simply search for the company in which you are interested and you can find all the government records for that company.

What We Need to Know

As our customer you will become the best source of information we have in working towards satisfying your travel needs. Your organization and participation in the early planning stages will help provide your group with a smooth and pleasant trip. Use this checklist as your guide to helping us make your trip a success.

- Provide us with all the points of departure and arrival for the outing.

- Your itinerary must include the date and time of departure as well as your intended date and time of arrival for each destination. This should also include your expected return time and location.

- Tell us how many people are in your group. We will also need to be informed of those who have mobility issues so we may provide any equipment necessary to make everyone’s trip a pleasant one.

- Once you are on your way, please inform the driver of any changes you wish to make to your itinerary. This will give the operator the opportunity to see if he can legally follow the changes in the schedule.

- Each group should have a designated leader. It is that individual’s responsibility to ensure that the passengers are kept calm and orderly.

- It is the group leader’s responsibility to check the bus for any damage, trash and left items before the group’s final departure from the bus. Newly found damage to the coach must be reported to the driver.

- Please leave the company’s supervisor with positive or negative feedback from the trip. This way we can continue our great service and correct any shortcomings we have.

On the Bus

- Before your group arrives for departure it is important that everyone knows what Cowtown’s policies are for food, drink, gum, tobacco products, alcohol consumption, radios, etc. Make certain everyone in your party is aware of the rules and is ready to adhere to them.

- Before departure your group will hear a brief recording outlining safety regulations regarding normal operation and emergencies that might occur during a trip. Please ask your fellow passengers to give this announcement serious consideration and compliance so everyone on board will have a pleasant and safe trip.

- Because plans and circumstances change from time to time our Dispatcher is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

- Video and audio recordings you wish to play on the bus should not offend any political, religious or ethnic group.

- Should any interruption in travel occur such as a tire issue or a mechanical difficulty, please be patient. Follow the operator’s instructions. This individual is trained to handle roadside problems. Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

School Trips

Cowtown is one of the few carriers approved with a superior rating by the U.S. Department of Defense to proudly transport our military troops. The qualification process for this rating is one of the most rigorous in the industry. We realize your kids are our most precious cargo and when they attend a School sponsored event, you want their entire travel experience to be safe. When School Districts hire us to transport youth for short field trips, band events and special out of town excursions they are confident students are will enjoy a professionally driven outing.

Your child’s safety is Cowtown Charter’s primary concern. Often times the day of a school field trip can be hectic and exciting. That is why we recommend that you help our operators and your child’s teachers and chaperones by doing the following:

- Dress your child appropriately for the forecast weather of the day.

- Remind the youngsters that although the outing is fun, they are still on the school’s time and they should behave as well on the trip as they would in class.

- While they are on the bus children must follow the rules of the bus as well as those explained by their chaperones.
- No alcohol or weapons of any kind are allowed on the vehicle.

- Teachers should have the names and phone numbers of parents as well as emergency information such as the child’s doctor and preferred hospital’s phone numbers.

- Safety regulations exist for a reason. It is a parent’s responsibility to explain what is expected of a child when he is away from school and out of the normal routine.

Your child’s cooperation on the motorcoach results in a more enjoyable trip for everyone.